February 10, 2017 | Kim Higgins
Going to sell your house?  Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a realtor:
  1. What is your experience and is this your full time job?  Are they a seasoned agent with years of experience or new to the business?  If they work another job, ask how that affects his/her availability?
  2. What designations or certifications do you have?  These designations define specialized training.  One such designation is the CRS, or Certified Residential Specialist.  However, there are also specialists representing military customers, seniors, etc.
  3. What neighborhoods do you primarily work in?  Get a sense for their familiarity with the market in your area.
  4. How many days did it take you to sell a home?  How does that compare to others?  The realtor you interview should have this information on hand and be able to present comparison statistics from their local MLS.
  5. What is your average variation between initial list price and final sales price?  Explore the Realtor’s pricing strategy and negotiating skills.
  6. What specific marketing and approaches will you take to sell my home?  Your agent should be prepared to present a plan and know how to market property on line.
  7. How will you keep me up to date on the progress?  Lack of communication is typically the number one client complaint.  The realtor should ask how you prefer to communicate and how often.
  8. How many clients are you currently representing?  While there is no perfect answer, consider a very high or very low number a red flag … you want someone with an energetic business but who still has time to provide great service.
  9. What are the negatives of my home?  An agent should be able to name several potential drawbacks or challenges to selling your home in a realistic, but tactful manner.
  10. Can you provide references representing the last 2-3 sales?  Follow through by asking these clients if they would use the agent again.


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