February 15, 2017 | Kim Higgins
If you are thinking about selling your home or just looking for some home improvement tips, then you might want to look at ways to add curb appeal to your home. Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

  1.  Create Perfect Symmetry To accomplish this, you could install 2 light fixtures and plant urns, both placed on each side of the door and coordinate with each other.
  2. Install Outdoor Lighting Installing light fixtures to your home not only adds beauty, but is also a great way to make your home more safe.
  3. Create an Instant Garden  You can add color to your home’s exterior by creating a container garden, which can be fairly easy to set up and is relatively inexpensive to set up.
  4. Do a Mailbox Makeover You can add curb appeal to your mailbox area by planting a flower garden under the mailbox or painting the mailbox post to match the house color.
  5. Add Shutters or Accent Trim  Adding shutters to your home will not only add beauty but  also help to control temperature and ventilation. In addition, aluminum and vinyl shutters are very sturdy and easy to keep clean.
  6. Renew Paint, Siding and Trim To completely transform your house to look sparkling new again, you could repaint the siding and trim in completely different colors.

See the link that follows to learn about these and many other ideas for enhancing the exterior of your home: http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/exteriors/curb-appeal/ways-to-add-curb-appeal/?slideId=d31ab4da-f3a6-4fd3-b92d-e7228c239df6.



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