April 25, 2017 | Kim Higgins
Do you know your environmental impact?  By definition, a carbon footprint is a measurement of the environmental impact of an individual or organization, measured in units of carbon dioxide.  Take the test at this website to measure yours:   http://cotap.org/reduce-carbon-footprint/!  The footprint is composed of two parts, the primary and the secondary. The primary footprint includes the total of direct emissions caused by burning fossil fuels for domestic sources such as furnaces, water heaters, cars and planes. The secondary footprint is the total of indirect emissions caused by the manufacture and breakdown of all products, services and food an individual or organization consumes.
Here are some tips on reducing your carbon footprint:
  1. Driving Alternatives If you are able to walk or bicycle, you can completely eliminate carbon emissions from transportation. If this is not possible, try to carpool or take a bus, which spreads out the emissions over many people, not just you.
  2. Drive a Low Carbon Vehicle Electric cars are the best for eliminating CO2 emissions as long as you use clean electricity, such as your home’s solar panels. If you are able to do this, there will be no carbon emissions at all.
  3.  Avoid Traffic Try using traffic apps to determine alternative routes to prevent needless CO2 emissions.
  4. Air Travel Tips Fly less frequently and for shorter distances. If possible, avoid flying altogether. If you must fly, use only economy class to spread out the harmful emissions over many people.
  5. Appliances Use only appliances that are labeled Energy Star, which have been proven to excel in energy efficiency.
  6. Insulate and Seal Your Home A practical and easy way to save energy.is by adding weather stripping, insulation and caulk to eliminate drafts.
  7. Eat Locally Produced or Organic Food Avoid using food that requires transportation and CO2 emissions from the fuel. In addition, many fertilizers are made with fossil fuels.
  8. Water Usage You can lower water usage by purchasing only water efficient washing machines, dishwashers,toilets and other devices that use water.
Please see the following links for additional information: http://cotap.org/reduce-carbon-footprint/, and http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/carbon-footprint.


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