February 4, 2017 | Kim Higgins
Metairie real estate - Location, location location - If you talk about Metairie real estate, there is a small subdivision  (Metairie Terrace) just west of Causeway Blvd. and Airline Drive close to the entrance of Metairie Road that has been in transition for years. It is a very old area where many residents have lived all their lives.
Often, many homes in the area have been torn down and replaced with new construction mostly townhomes. It's proximity to downtown via Causeway and Airline have made it very popular.

High Demand Area - prior to Katrina this area had been a hot-bed of  New Townhouse construction. Lately, that new construction has returned for both stand-alone single family and townhouse construction. The area continues to attract new construction because of it's location, land values, stability and neighborhood feel.

Townhouse vs Condo- Many people misunderstand the difference between a townhouse and condo unit. A townhouse is a single family home normally built with an adjoining home sharing the same wall on one side. The lot line technically goes thru the middle of the two units as if they were two separate family homes.There is no sharing of anything other than a wall.
A condo is technically an association where you own a "share" of the association. Condos will often share flood insurance, maintenance, improvements and other expenses with other unit holders. There is often a monthly "condo fee" associated with that. Townhouses are alot simpler to own and manage since they are separately owned.

Amenities galore
- with new construction comes alot of neat amenities like high ceilings (10ft.), granite countertops, crown moulding, tankless water heater, hardwood floors, fireplace, recessed lighting too many to name here.

New Construction Snobmany people who relocate to New Orleans from outside our area desire new construction over existing homes because of the age of Metairie real estate. However, because of increased land values people are often priced out of new construction. Townhouses provide an affordable option.



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