October 20, 2016 | Kim Higgins
Thinking about installing a pool?

If you or someone you know is considering installing a pool, and you are somewhat undecided, this post may help. A pool will allow for plenty of good times and enjoyment, not to mention it will also enhance the appearance of your property. However, a pool doesn't necessarily add "dollar for dollar" value to your home. I have discussed this topic with a few appraisers and all agree a financial return on your investment could be years down the road, if at all. After owning a home for a number of years, homeowners typically see their property values rise over time. An appraiser will make an adjustment for a swimming pool that likely ranges between $10K-$20K depending on the caliber of pool that has been installed. The profit, however, may end up being just a portion of what a homeowner spends on the pool investment itself. Therefore, one should not install a pool hoping for instant financial gain. If recouping your full pool investment is not a concern or if you plan to stay in your home for years to come, a pool can provide the enjoyment you're hoping for and more! Here's a great link to check out for swimming pool services in the Greater New Orleans area: APoolGuy.com


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