April 25, 2017 | Kim Higgins
If you are looking for an exciting educational experience for your children or students, you should check out Insta-Gator, located on Allen Road in Covington, LA. Insta-Gator is a working alligator ranch that offers guided tours that teach about the Louisiana alligator industry, from hatchling to alligator wallets and purses. During the tour, visitors may hold hatchlings and have photos taken with them. Insta-Gator offers guided tours for all occasions including those for individuals and families, school groups, birthdays and more. In addition, they offer “Hatch a Baby” tours that allow you to experience the hatching of baby alligators. Check out the link that follows to learn more about all the available tours: http://www.insta-gatorranch.com/tours-more/hatching-experience/. You may also contact the ranch by phone at 985-892-3669 or via email at info@insta-gatorranch.com.


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