March 18, 2017 | Kim Higgins
Wine lovers, be sure to stop in and explore the fabulous Acquistapace’s Mandeville Wine and Cheese.  This new Market is a variation of the family-owned grocery store that has operated in Covington for more than three decades.  Located at North Causeway Boulevard and East Causeway Approach, the Mandeville store specializes in wine, spirits, cheese, beer and cigars!  Have a question about wine?  You can request expert advice from Acquistapace at the following link where you fill out a form with your request:  In addition to wine expertise, Erik Acquistapace is one of approximately 600 Certified Cheese Professionals and you will find an enormous variety of cheeses; about 250 types from around the world.  The spirits sold at Acquistapace include aged whiskey, bourbon and scotch imported from fine distilleries in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Ireland and Scotland. In addition, there are both national and local brands of beer. Finally, Acquistapace offers a walk-in humidor featuring a nice selection of hand-rolled cigars.  Check out the link that follows to learn more about this wonderful and unique new Northshore market:


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