April 10, 2017 | Kim Higgins
Would You Be Able To Escape A Home Fire?

Thousands of people die every year from fires, and many people lose their lives from lack of preparation. Every household should thoroughly discuss the plan and be totally prepared with an escape plan.
Plan for a Fire:
  • Identify 2 means of escape in each room. Hopefully, each room has a door and a window. Houses with upper floors as well as high rise apartments should have a hook-on escape rope ladder for the windows.
  • Every three months, have fire drills to familiarize everyone with the escape routes.
  • Be sure that everyone knows to call 911, tell the operator there is a fire and give the address.
If You Smell Smoke or if the Smoke Detector Alarm Goes Off:
  • Try to be calm, but act immediately by saying, “Fire”, “Everyone out!”. Do not get any belongings, just leave, and do not go back in. As you leave, close each door behind you.
  • Keep doors closed, keeping in mind that wooden doors offer protection from smoke and heat for a while. If you encounter fire when you open the door, shut it immediately and escape through a window instead.
  • If you have to escape through a window, be sure to keep the door closed because the draft from the window will quickly accelerate the fire.
  • If you cannot escape from a room, place towels or clothing underneath the door to keep out the smoke and fire.
  • Stay low to the ground and crouch on your hands and knees to prevent inhaling toxic fumes.
  • Try to stay away from curtains and bed linens as they catch fire easily. If your clothes catch fire, remember to stop, drop and roll. The rolling will smother the fire. Also, use both hands to cover your face to protect from the fire
  • If you have to escape through a window, it is usually safe on the second floor but not any higher. When jumping, always face the building to avoid additional injuries
For more information, see the following link: http://web.princeton.edu/sites/publicsafety/survivingafireathome.htm


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