September 24, 2018 | Kim Higgins
Photo Credit: Escape My Room.  Looking for a thrilling new game that requires you to compete with other team members to solve puzzles and correctly answer questions before you can escape from a room? The game’s venue is the DeLaporte Family Museum, located at 633 Constance St., New Orleans, LA 70130. There was, in fact, a DeLaporte family that lived a very mysterious and secretive life in New Orleans. When their home was demolished to make room for a new hospital, the furnishings were placed in storage and were later used in creating the museum.

When playing Escape My Room, you can expect questions and puzzles that revolve around solving old mysteries or murders that actually occurred.  All the action takes place in various rooms of the museum with names such as Jazz Parlor, Mardi Gras Study and Smuggler’s Den. Escape My Room is used as a team building activity in businesses or simply for fun and entertainment. Groups may be as small as 2, but a minimum of 6 is recommended. To participate, you must purchase your tickets in advance online. To learn more about this exciting game and to get tickets, see the following link:


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