November 3, 2017 | Jacqueline Hedlund
Did you know the best chance of selling your property is within the first seven weeks? It's true!

Studies show that the longer a property stays on the market, the less the seller will net upon the sale. It is very important to price your property at a competitive market value at the signing of your listing contract.

"Well, what's wrong with pricing my home a little high? I want to get the most money possible, and we can just reduce the price later."We totally understand that you want top-dollar for your home (and remember that our commission depends on the sale price so we have the motivation to help you get the most money too!) The problem with pricing your home too high is that most buyers won't even bother looking at it. Many qualified buyers will simply go elsewhere because they can get more house for the money. As the house sits on the market, people will shy away from it thinking there must be something wrong with the home.

An overpriced home can:
  • Minimize purchase offers,
  • Lower agents' response,
  • Limit the number of qualified buyers,
  • Lower the number of showings on the house,
  • Limit financing options,
  • Waste valuable advertising dollars, and
  • Net less for the seller!

"Okay, should I under-price my home? I don't want to miss out on pre-qualified buyers that might want my house." 
Pricing is frustrating, and the thought of losing a lot of potential buyers is scary, we know! Here's the simple problem with pricing your home too low: you could lose thousands of dollars (which is just as scary as missing a buyer opportunity!) There may be times when you wish to under-price your home, but this is only recommended when you need a faster-than-average sale. In most circumstances, pricing your home correctly from the very beginning will net you the best results in both time and money.

"So, what is the right price?" Many factors will determine your home's best asking price. Our current real estate market has a lot to do with it. Using sound judgment, research, and experience, a good agent can help you determine the right price for your home. They will help you evaluate your location, the recent sold data, current market trends, and your home's special features that set it apart from the competition.

When you are ready, visit our no-obligation home valuation calculation or contact us for a free market value analysis of your home. We are pricing experts because we understand the current local market after spending years helping sellers get top-dollar for their homes!


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