November 13, 2017 | Libby Cabrera
There are many things to take into consideration when you are getting ready to launch your home search. We are big on lifestyle choices when choosing your home. What are lifestyle factors important to you? Most every aspect of your life will be affected by the home you purchase from location, to commute time, shopping and leisure time.

Location: Is the property near schools, public transportation, shopping, employment, etc. What location are factors important in your new home?

Commute Time:Review roads and highway access. Do you have easy access to freeways? Do you have alternate routes in case of construction or heavy traffic? Is this important to you or is that part of the charm of the location you chose?

Shopping/Dining: Access to stores and restaurants may be a huge factor to you when determining your location. Do you like to be able to have a grocery within walking distance? Restaurants? What is an acceptable distance for you to drive to eat out or grab a fast-food meal?

Leisure Time: Do you like the nightlife? Do your kids need a playground nearby? Do you like to mow the grass? All of these leisure activities may make a difference in the style and location of your home.

  • Know the "why" you want to buy a home. This question alone will help you determine the answer to many others.
  • How long do you plan to live there? It may not be wise to buy a home if you are not going to stay there long enough to build equity.
  • Tour the neighborhood. Don't be afraid to drive around.
  • Look for landmarks or neighborhood features that may influence your decision: powerlines, landfills, busy streets, bus routes, etc.
  • Get details on past renovations and improvements.
  • Ask for utility bills. Know what your expenses will be.
  • Visit the home at various times of the day to check traffic patterns, light sources, etc.
  • Check with city hall to review zoning for and surrounding the property. It may not be prudent for resale value to purchase a home near a newly zoned industrial park or commercial zone.


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