February 28, 2019 | Kim Higgins
Gallier Hall is the famous 165 year old Greek Revival building where the Rex parade pauses while the New Orleans’ mayor toasts the King of Rex on Mardi Gras Day. Gallier Hall was New Orleans’ City Hall for 100 years. The building had been in dire need of repairs for a while when former Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s wife Cheryl Landrieu, along with the Gallier Hall Preservation Committee raised the $3 million from private donations that were needed to restore the building’s interior. The exterior had already been renovated with funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and from city bonds. Originally built in 1854, James Gallier, Sr. designed the building to resemble a Greek temple and adorned it with beautiful ionic marble columns, marble floors and exquisite artwork for the four storied building. Fortunately, both interior and exterior were ready for the city’s Tricentennial and for Mardi Gras 2018. For additional information, please see the following link: www.nola.com/gallier_hall



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