February 25, 2019 | Jacqueline Hedlund
The Longue Vue House and Gardens Tour takes you to the exquisite estate located off Metairie Road, past the cemeteries on #7 Bamboo Road. This beautiful mansion is surrounded by 8 acres of luxurious gardens and landscape. The home was completed in 1939 for the philanthropists Edgar Stern and his wife Edith who was also an heiress to the Sears department stores. In 2005, the house was named a National Historic Landmark. The gardens are a vast network of greenery, flowers and fountains with shooting upward arches. All the gardens have recently been renovated, using the original plans. There are maps available to help guide visitors along the extensive path. The mansion itself is 3 stories high with 20 rooms and in addition to touring the home, you can also rent it for parties and special occasions. The Longue Vue House and Gardens Tour is a popular tourist spot in the New Orleans area. For additional information, see the link that follows: https://www.neworleans.com/listing/longue-vue-house-and-gardens/439/


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