March 11, 2019 | Kim Higgins
The New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian Council usually has Indian Super Sunday on the third Sunday of March, this year it's March 17, 2019.  Other than Mardi Gras day, this is the most momentous day for the Mardi Gras Indians. The procession is full of Mardi Gras Indians decked out in their feathers and suits. The festivities begin at noon starting at Washington Avenue and LaSalle Street at the A.L. Davis Park. No one knows the reason of this celebration other than it coincides with St. Joseph's Day, Italian-American and St. Patrick‚Äôs Day parades, but it has been the tradition since World War I. Despite not having an extra origin to the beginning of this tradition, people still love watching the Mardi Gras Indians procession. For more information on Super Sunday or to see the full procession route, click here


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