Known as one of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhoods, Bywater consists of shotgun houses that are nestled into the curve of the Mighty Mississippi. Originally, Bywater was called Faubourg Washington and then later became known as Little Saxony. It was not until the mid 20th century that locals began referring to the area as “Bywater.” Many locals began calling it this because the area was “by the water” with two of the boundaries being the Mississippi River to the south and the Industrial Canal to the east.

With Bywater being one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in New Orleans, the architecture of the neighbor is anything but ordinary. The architecture was heavily influenced by many different cultures and they each left their own legacies. In Bywater, you will see structures that have Victorian, Creole, Greek and Italian influence.

Bywater has a special charm of its own. It is also home to New Orleans’ most flourishing bohemian art scene. It is very normal to find art studios that coexist with grocery stores, bars, and cafes. Many young professionals, musicians, artists, and photographers call Bywater home and they love using this quaint neighborhood that is full of charisma and history to find inspiration. This remarkable neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Bywater Historic District.

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