The French Quarter , also referred to as the Vieux Carre or just “The Quarter” to locals, is one of the most recognizable areas of New Orleans. It was founded by the French but is heavily influenced by Spanish art and architecture. The French Quarter is bounded by Esplanade Avenue, Rampart Street, Canal Street, and the Mississippi River.

Walk down any of the city blocks in the French Quarter and you will notice the iconic architecture that makes this place so enchanting. Even though it is mostly influenced by Spanish Architecture, there are still bits and pieces of French, Creole, and American styles blended together in perfect harmony to create this iconic neighborhood we all know and love. The Quarter is full of hidden gems such as brick walled courtyards, elaborate ironwork and cast-iron balconies, and quaint cottages and townhouses.

The French Quarter is also famously known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful and historic buildings, world-class local restaurants and many other historic attractions. In the heart of the French Quarter is Jackson Square, a stunning park where landscaping is kept up all year long and where the famous equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson can be found. Jackson Square is a very popular spot and it is surrounded by local shops, museums, artists, the St. Louis Cathedral, the Mississippi River, and everyone’s favorite Café Du Monde!

There are also plenty of shops such as the French Market , one of New Orleans’ largest and most popular destinations. It was once a Native American trading post founded in the 1700s. After multiple renovations and a lot of expanding, the French Market now spreads out across six blocks and is bursting with all types of New Orleans style dining, shopping, and music. The French Quarter is very diverse making it the perfect spot to accommodate everyone!

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