The first area of Gentilly to be developed was Gentilly Ridge. This area sat on the banks of Bayou Gentilly. Development was originally confined to this area because of its natural elevation. Most of the area surrounding the rage was swampland and development didn't begin until the early 20th century when the swampland was torn out to make way for plots of land that could be built on. This lead to Gentilly Terrace, a major section of Gentilly, being developed.

Once drain pumps were invented, they were installed in Gentilly and the land quickly became suitable for building. Gentilly was developed in the mid 20th century, so many homes are less than 100 years old. Styles of homes range from traditional shotguns to beautiful bungalows to turn of the century ranch homes. This area of New Orleans is extremely diverse, with young professionals to long-time residents residing here. Residents enjoy the peaceful nature of Gentilly. Many homes have bigger backyards and sit on large lots. They cite this area as one that feels more like a suburban neighborhood than some of the other neighborhoods in the city.

Gentilly is conveniently located close to the heart of New Orleans. What was once Gentilly Ridge is now Highway 90 and Gentilly Boulevard, two of the major thoroughfares in the area. Elysian Fields Avenue runs through the middle of Gentilly, making it easy for residents to get to many parts of the city with just a quick 5-minute drive.

The University of New Orleans is located on the north side of Gentilly, making this a great neighborhood for students and professors alike. Residents on the north side are close to Lake Pontchartrain and those on the west are just minutes from the New Orleans City Park and Fairgrounds Race Course & Slots . Residents truly get the best of peaceful living and city amenities that Gentilly's location offers. To see all homes for sale in Gentilly, click here!