Lakeview was originally owned by an order of priests called the Capuchins until New Orleans was taken over by Spanish Rule in 1763. The land was then taken over by Don Alomnester y Roxas. During these years, Lakeview was inhabitable since it was mostly swamp and marsh land. It wasn't until the late 19th century, when the land was owned by Alexander Milne, that it was able to be built on thanks to the construction of the New Basin Canal. Even still, most of the land went undeveloped until the mid 20th century when neighborhoods like Lakeshore and Lake Vista were developed.Much of Lakeview wasn't developed until the 1930s. The area was fully developed between the late '30s into the 1940s. When developed, many homes were built as bungalows and modest ranch homes. The neighborhoods were built in Gardenscape, meaning there are few cross streets leaving plenty of area for greenery and pedestrian walkways in the neighborhood.

Starting in the 1980s and 1990s, many of the original homes have been completely renovated or rebuilt. Homes now range from the original bungalows to large two-story craftsman style.

Lakeview and it's neighborhoods are surrounded on three sides by water, so many of the residents are avid boaters. Lakeview is home to two yacht clubs, the New Orleans Yacht Club and the Southern Yacht Club. This neighborhood was one of the first to be built around the beauty and serenity of Lake Pontchartrain. Residents enjoy the quick drive and amazing scenery it has to offer.

Two parks are part of Lakeview, New Basin Canal Parkand City Park. New Basin Park runs the length of Westend Boulevard and Pontchartrain Boulevard. This park has a long walking trail and wide open green spaces. This park is the perfect place for a nice stroll or family picnic. City Park is between Orleans Avenue and Wisner Boulevard. This 1,300-acre park has several trails and bike paths as well as a sculpture and Botanical garden.

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