Mid-City was once considered the "back-a-town" due to much of the area being part of swampland, so the city limits stopped where this area is today. The majority of this neighborhood was developed in the early 20th century thanks to the invention of the screw pump. This allowed the swamp to be drained and builders began utilizing this new prime real estate. Old city charm is still in full swing in this area, with the Canal Streetcar running through the heart of Mid-City and restaurant and shopping options are abundant on Carrollton. This area has a mix of owners and renters and is popular among young professionals and families.

Mid-City is located near many high points of the city. City Park bounds the north side of Mid-City. This 1,300-acre park includes the New Orleans Botanical Garden, City Bark, and Bayou Oaks Golf. Also nearby is Rock 'N' Bowl, a New Orleans favorite bowling alley where you can listen to live music while hitting the lanes. Local restaurants and bars are close by and many favorites include Ruby Slipper Cafe and Angelo Brocato.

Mid-City offers the amenities of living in New Orleans but has a quirky charm all it's own. To find homes in Mid-City, click here !