After the Louisiana purchase, many settlers from all over the United States developed homes and businesses in the area up river from the older city. This direction that was upriver was refered to as “Uptown.” In the 19thcentury, Canal Street was the dividing line between “uptown” and “downtown” New Orleans. This dividing line was also the boundary between the large Francophone area downriver and the large Anglophone area upriver. Uptown was developed mostly from land that had previously been used as southern plantations. Different sections of the land were divided and developed into separate towns.

Many of the grand homes from the late 19thcentury have been restored and are being meticulously maintained. Many shotguns built in the same time frame are being refurbished, assuring that the premier residential area will continue its heritage. Many local restaurants and shops are also spread throughout the area as well.

Today you can experience tons of shops, bistros and galleries all along Magazine Street. Magazine Street is a dream for anyone who loves fashion and food. Another popular street in the Uptown area is Freret Street. Here you can find trendy bars, more restaurants and lots of boutiques. The street is also a popular host for neighborhood markets as well. The whole Uptown area is a memorable experience for both tourist and locals!

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