Successfully Navigate the Sale of Your Home!

We are here to help with your decision to sell your home, and we understand that this is a big decision. Read below to learn about what you can expect when you put your home up for sale and explore our advice. Wondering why you should use a Realtor to sell your home? Check out our answer on our extensive seller FAQ page!

Before we begin showing your home, it is good to go through the home inside and out and stage it for success. Staging your home involves:
  • Removing clutter – store excess furniture, heirlooms and junk in an off-site storage facility. This makes rooms seem larger and keeps the buyer’s eyes focused on your home and not your kid's pictures.
  • Repainting dingy or overly colorful room a neutral color
  • Make simple repairs to leaky faucets, broken door handles, and chipped wood frames.
  • Paint or clean your front door. This is a huge curb appeal quick-fix. Fast, easy, inexpensive.
  • Replace light bulbs with a lower wattage to add ambiance (but not too dim).
Be sure to read our 25 easy things to fix in your home before selling!

It is our goal to price your home to sell quickly the first time. This is very important to the success of the sale. A home that is priced correctly will sell. If it has been 6 to 8 weeks and your listing has been receiving regular website traffic, it may be time to reevaluate your sales price or make physical improvements that could enhance your home. Review our guide to pricing your home correctly or visit our free, no-obligation home valuation calculator.

We will place a lockbox on your door, which will hold the key to your home so that only licensed agents can access your home for showings. Showing your home can be the most frustrating part of selling your home. However, it is also the most important. Keep your home clean and clutter-free to be able to show on a moment’s notice. Buyers may not always have the ability to know which homes they want to see until the last minute. This is where a flexible seller has an edge over someone who isn’t. Read our guide to understanding showings and how you can help them be successful!

During the time that your home is on the market, we may schedule an open house. This allows many potential buyers to view your home in one day. This is something we will discuss and decide if an open house would be beneficial to the exposure for your home. We will market the event to the public as well as our team's potential buyers and other local agents who may have clients looking for a similar home.

You usually get the most showings in the first several weeks your home is listed. Please do not worry if your home has not sold yet and traffic slows down. An average home sells within 60-90 days. If a potential buyer returns more than once to see your home, that is a good thing. It typically means they have your home on their short-list and they may be considering an offer. We will pay very close attention to comments and traffic patterns, and we will stay in touch with agents who have interested buyers.

We know how important communication is during the selling process. In addition to feedback from showings, we will send you periodic reports to show you how your listing appears online and the traffic to your listing. These reports are very important for determining whether it is time to make a price adjustment or switching up marketing efforts. We will always be upfront about how you can help reach a successful sale and help you to avoid the top 10 mistakes we see sellers make!